Some interesting things about great food and supplements we can add to our diets.

once you start eating correct and LIVE foods, your stomach will start shrinking and you will naturally be eating less. Overtime you will eat a full meal only once per day. I myself eat one main meal per day and not even because I’m hungry but because natural foods are SO DELICIOUS! next stage after you cut down on food, you will be able to live off – here’s what I mean: you can order vegetable ORMUS, minerals, supplements, colloidals etc., and everything else which POWER up your ALL your bodies. Yes, ALL natural (edible) foods power up your physical mental and spiritual bodies BUT there are certain foods that power up your MENTAL more efficiently, same thing with SPIRITUAL.

here’s a list of foods/supplements that I found(the best):

– First on the list is of course, some type of cleansing, this can be homemade cleanses with herbs…

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